About Us

ISS is a fast growing electro-mechanical company that was established in 2009,ISS has grown to become one of the best specialized industrial services company in Egypt by its trained, certified, experienced personnel and expertise which enable us to meet the client’s every requirement on time and on budget.
ISS team are committed to Safety, Quality, short-time Delivery, Cost, Morale and after sale services and this was a high valued reason to make us cope with requirements of our clients and make a long-term relationship with them and that`s what we aim to build with our customers.
ISS has a concept of (Always develop, always exist), So we always try to cope with reliable advanced technology and develop ourselves so as to keep and increase our market share whether by using these technologies or adding new branches for our activities to ensure that we satisfy our wide range of clients.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for any client that needs any services related to our activities starting from Egypt until we become a global corporation has various branches all over the world.

Our Mission

Is to build a good reputation in the Egyptian market about our services and how we are committed to quality and standards; in addition, we always cope with new advanced technology.